World Opera Day is a chance to celebrate all the things that opera is and has become. From its origins as a European entertainment patronized by the elite, opera has evolved into a rich and varied art form with global reach.
— Marc Scorca, CEO of Opera America
World Opera Day is an expression of a desire to offer Opera as a choice from which all may draw benefit. It may come in many forms: live in a theatre or in the open air; or through audio and visual media.
— Nicholas Payne, Director of Opera Europa
Celebrating 25 October, the first World Opera Day after 400 years of tradition around the world, is a symbol of union and strength among people, artists, managers and institutions that work every day for the development of this genre.
— Alejandra Martí, Executive Director of Ópera Latinoamérica

The very first World Opera Day will be launched this year in collaboration with Opera Europa, OPERA America and ÓPERA Latinoamérica during the Opera Europa conference in Strasbourg and Karlsruhe.

25 October 2019


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